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Sabtu, 16 April 2011

The Greedy Pig

Am I a Greedy Pig? Probably... I feel like a glutton sometimes.  I can't help that Vancouver is a culinary hotspot surrounded by awesome food.  

I decided to go to the Greedy Pig because there was one particular item on the menu that caught my attention.  It was the Marrow (a.k.a God's Butter).  I have never had Marrow before and I was dying to try it out.  
marrow & toast - roasted marrow, garlic confit, truffle oil, arugula, bacon twists & sour dough

So I ordered a plate of marrow because it seemed like everyone on food network was eating this so called "god's butter."  With a description like that, how can you possibly pass up this divine dish? I just had to try it. I can tell you now, that this stuff is rich. The marrow was so smooth, it just melts away as you eat it.  The combination of the crunchy sourdough and the smooth marrow complemented each other well.  The arugula added a fresh touch to the dish, it was a good palate cleanser. 

pulled pork sandwich - braised pork shoulder, slaw & tangy bbq sauce on potato hamburger bun  

The last dish I ordered was the pulled pork sandwich.  It's classic comfort food, and I felt at the time, that it would go well with my marrow & toast dish.  I shared half my pulled pork sandwich, because I wanted to save  some room for dessert.  The pulled pork sandwich was very tasty.  It had a tangy, slow cooked, meaty flavor.  Each bite went will with the slaw. 

Over all I do recommend a Greedy pig experience.  Go be adventurous! Try the Marrow.   

Next time I'd like to try the baked brie!
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